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Hey Jude XI Chairman

Paul Stedman

This Is The Man Man Who Sorts Out Out Fixtures , Venus , Kits , And Umm... Everything!!

If You Need To Contact Paul Please E-mail Or Call Him On: 07951 0588975 - But not at 4 in the morning

email: paul.stedders@lineone.net 


The Revealing Interview With The Chairman About The New Managerial Team, Paul Fitzsimons and Chris Wickham:-

- After nine consecutive defeat had you come to the same conclusions as Paul Fitzsimons?

I can't say I had really given a great deal of thought, to be honest http://https://bettingsiteonline.co.tz/basketball-betting-tips. As far as the team goes I have my work cut out just with the day-to-day organising of things. I have always maintained that I will simply try to run the team in accordance with the wishes of the majority view. Scratchy did email me at the beginning of the week and he was expressing his concern about how things had been going and he had told me that he was going to express his concerns on the GPG. I also some impromptu discussions with one or two individuals after the Watford and it was clear that there was some dissatisfaction with the way things were going. The reaction to Paul's "rant" was so overwhelming, and consistent, that it could not be ignored 

- Although we have never been the best team, we have never been on a run like this, why do you think this run has occurred now? 

I'm not so sure that I would agree with that. If you look back at our record, I think you will see that our results http://www.https://bettingsiteonline.co.tz/basketball-betting-tips, in terms of the score line at least, are getting better. In our early days teams were regularly putting 8 or 9 past us. I think you'll also find that we've only ever won about three league games (Crewe, Lincoln and Colchester) and in those instances the respective teams arrived short of players and we had to lend them one or two. Also I think you will find that our actual performances have been pretty good. The Reading and Charlton games are good examples of the score line barely doing justice to the true nature of the games. The Watford game was disappointing because we could have got something out of the game, but it was noticeable that they had more of a "killer instinct" and were prepared to rough it up a bit, if you like. I think it was then that a number of people decided to question whether these games are really worth it, if one team is playing by the Queensbury Rules and the other team are not. This isn't a dig at Watford in particular, the same could have been said for the Charlton game also. It's clear that we need to take a good look at ourselves. Whilst everyone was disappointed with the Crewe result and performance, we must not lose sight that it was an amazing effort for us to even get everyone together to get a team together. Crewe should have been playing the InterGills that day, but they didn't because they couldn't even get a team together. I noticed on the IFA mailing list that Fulham have pulled out of a HOME fixture next week because they can only get five players https://www.https://bettingsiteonline.co.tz/basketball-betting-tips. So in all the heart-wringing, let's not lose sight that it is an amazing achievement for us to even get a side on the pitch, let alone compete for 90 minutes! 

- When you advertised the managerial position were you expecting a large response after all the losses? 


- How many people applied? 

One. Chris Wickham 

- Paul Fitzsimons is a pretty popular choice among the players, was this an obvious choice? Chris Wickham is unknown within Hey Jude, what was the decision behind his appointment?  

I'll answer both together if you like. Chris is only relatively unknown, he is well-known to a number of us. He has played for us before. Once only, to the best of my knowledge and that was probably only for ten minutes. Chris has always been keen to get involved. However, by his own admission he is not a particularly good player, I know that doesn't stop most of our players in the past(!) but Chris was probably less inclined to make himself look foolish in public. One thing I can say, however, is that Chris's knowledge of football is encyclopedic. We regularly share journeys to away games and his knowledge of the "beautiful game" is astonishing. One thing that can't be questioned is Chris's Brentford supporting credentials. He certainly gets to more games than I do and this is a guy who is at University at Leicester! I didn't really want to have joint managers because they tend not to work (Houllier-Evans; Gritt-Curbishley) however there is the problem that with a single manager there is always the possibility that he will be missing from the occasional game, so this system does give some continuity. I would rather think of partnerships like Clough and Taylor, inasmuch as each manager will concentrate on his particular strengths. Chris and Paul are good friends are they are both happy with the arrangement. Obviously I discussed this with them in advance. 

- Do you think that the managerial team will be able to turn our season around? 

It's difficult to be sure, their first game in charge will be against ASB on Sunday 25 November. This will be something of a baptism of fire. We will probably take a break until February and then start up again with a couple of games a month up until WorldNET. I would certainly hope that Paul and Chris will bring some much-needed continuity and organization to the team. If I could just place on record my thanks to everyone who has had a go at being manager in the past. I think, though, it's time to acknowledge that the experiment hasn't worked and we need to start again. Thanks also to Gumbo who has offered to stand down as manager against ASB in a fortnight.


Here is a few facts on Paul provided by the good man himself:-

Full Name: PAUL THOMAS EDWARD LAWRENCE STEDMAN  Date Of Birth: 7 JULY 1956                                                                     Birth Place:  RAINHAM, ESSEX                                                        Occupation: IT MANAGER                                                                      Marital Status: OUI >                                                                           Children: 3 TEENAGE CHILDREN                                                     Pets: NO                                                                                                 Hobbies: NO TIME >                                                                               Email: paul.stedders@lineone.net >

 > How long have you supported Brentford?

 36 years. Try and beat that kids! > First Brentford Memories? My first game was the Keen Coote Testimonial match v West Ham. The Hammers were cup holders and went on to win the European Cup Winners Cup that season and fielded a full team against Brentford which included the (soon-to-be) World Cup trio of Hurst-Moore-Peters. I remember you were allowed to run on the pitch those days and ran over to ask Hammers goalkeeper, Jim Standen, for his autograph.

 > Best Match? 

Blackburn away FA Cup 5th Round, 1988-89 season 

> Worst Match? 

Bristol City away final game of our one season in the First Division (1992?); also Play off final v Crewe (1997) 

> Best All Time Player? 

Terry Hurlock 

> Worst All Time Player? 

Barry Lloyd 

> Future Brentford Ambitions? 

Keeping us out of the Rymans League > 

> Football Teams/Clubs (all that you�ve played for): Can't Remember 

> First Hey Jude Game? Millwall (April 1999) 

> Best Hey Jude Game? Gillingham (away) December 2000 

> Worst Hey Jude Game? West Ham (home) July 1999 

> Best Thing About Hey Jude? Give me time and I'll think of one 

> Worst Thing About Hey Jude? Takes up too much time. 

> Favourite Hey Jude Moment? Mobbing Minky at the end of the AEK Athens game at this year's WorldNET 

> Hey Jude Dipstick? Rhys 

> Hey Jude Top man? Me 

> Best Hey Jude Player? Spender Bee/Heston Bee/Rob Pyle/Jon Morris roled into one

Best Day of your life? 

> Favourite Drink? Cranberry Juice 

> Favourite Food? Vindaloo 

> Favourite Car? Mini 

> Ideal House? 8 Waverley Avenue, Whitton 

> Ideal Woman? My Wife 

> Computer? PowerBook Macintosh G4 

> Other Teams you support?I am member of Surrey CCC 

> If you were a millionaire? I'd buy Brentford, no question >










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